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9 Tips to Keep Creepy Crawlers Out of Your Home This Winter

9 Tips to Keep Creepy Crawlers Out of Your Home This Winter


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Yuck! Last time we talked about the creepy crawlers that can invade your home during the upcoming winter so now it’s time to talk about what to do about them. Specifically, let’s talk about how to keep them out of your home so they don’t get in and require professional intervention.

From cockroaches in Arkansas to spiders in California to the common stinkbugs that thrive throughout the united states, there are pests everywhere. Luckily, there are a lot of common-sense things you can do to keep them out of your home. Here are nine tips you can use to help drive away pests this winter.

  1. Make seasonal checks. Bugs, rodents and other pests seek shelter during cold months so before winter arrives, it’s important to check for areas that could be susceptible to entry by insect invasions or tiny animals. Even small cracks in the foundation or small holes in the roof can be an invitation for pests to enter your home.
  2. Repair roof or plumbing leaks. The moisture from these leaks in the roof allows certain insects, including pests like termites, to survive above ground.
  3. Remove any wood piles or other debris. Small animals and insects love to take shelter in moist, dark areas. Keep mulch or soil away from your home’s siding — a barrier of even a few inches can save you a bunch of headaches. Firewood should be stored away from the home.
  4. Keep your crawl spaces clean. Insects and other pests can’t tell the difference between a warm, dark woodpile and a bunch of your old keepsakes that you haven’t looked at in decades. Remove items like scrap lumber, boxes and even old books or newspapers from crawl spaces. It’s also important to maintain adequate ventilation in crawl spaces. If you’re not sure if your crawl space has proper ventilation, hire a professional to look the house over and make recommendations.
  5. Secure containers indoors and outdoors. Make sure garbage cans and recycling containers are sealed and away from the home. If you compost, consider using a closed-top bin and keep it as far away as possible.
  6. Make sure the home’s envelope is as sealed as possible. Use a mesh screen on all windows, doors and ventilation openings. Seal any holes or openings in windows and doors — proper caulking and repairs can go a long way towards preventing entry by insects and other creepy crawlers. As a bonus, it also makes your home energy efficient.
  7. Keep an eye towards the sky. Remember that insects and other creepy crawlers can get places that we can’t. That means cleaning out the gutters on a regular basis, as well as trimming tree limbs and branches near the home. Insects love a wet, dry place like stuffed-up gutters and animals like squirrels and racoons can use overhanging limbs to make their way into the attic.
  8. Clean up. You wouldn’t leave out food if you were camping in a national park that’s been known to encounter bears, so why would you do the same thing in your own home? Clean food from all surfaces, clean the dishes every night, and sweep the floor of crumbs. Pests will see your home — especially your kitchen — as a buffet if you’re not careful.
  9. Consider natural pest control solutions. They’re easy to Google and you’d be surprised what will drive away pests. Ants have an aversion to peppermint and cucumber. Cockroaches hate catnip, while fleas hate cedar and mosquitos hate both sage and rosemary. Who knew?

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