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Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance will greatly prolong the life of your roof and the value of your property. Whether you perform some basic roof maintenance yourself or hire a professional, your roof maintenance checklist should be done regularly to keep your roof in good shape.

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What is Roof Maintenance?

Generally, you should be performing basic maintenance at least twice a year, ideally in the spring and in the fall. This timing helps you both recover from the harsher winter months and prepare for them.

A regular roof maintenance program will help you save money on large roof repairs, catch developing roof problems early (when they’re easy to fix), and add value to your home. Be sure to have your roof checked after a storm and do any needed maintenance.

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Homeowner Roof Maintenance

There is a lot that a homeowner can do to maintain your roof. To start, you can use this checklist twice a year as part of your annual roof inspection and care process:

Professional Roof Maintenance

Professional roof maintenance does make a difference. While there are some maintenance steps that can be taken care of by the property owner, most of us are not trained to spot problems like the professionals can.

Professionals will inspect your roof from edge to edge, in all the nooks and crannies, and both inside and outside. Items that should be completed during a professional roof maintenance inspection include:

Visual Inspection

Your technician will keep an eye out for lifted or missing shingles, damaged edges, sagging gutters, or missing flashing.

Gutter Check & Cleaning

This basic maintenance will be your best weapon against water backup and rot.

Debris Removal

Large tree branches blown loose from storms are one of the main causes of damage.

Moss & Algae Check

Moss and algae will cause your roofing shingles to crack and create leaks. If moss or algae is present, they may clean it for you.

Re-caulk of Cracks

Your technician should pay special attention to the areas around your chimney and skylights.

Insulation Check

A properly insulated attic will help prevent ice dams and reduce moisture.

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

A roof is one of the most important parts of your property and, as such, is an investment. How often do you check in on your other investments? Regular roof maintenance will make your roof last longer, look better, and will ultimately save you money and the hassle of an untimely replacement.

Roof maintenance can also help prevent future problems. You may discover a part of your roof that is particularly leaky or a spot where shingles often lift. These small problems become more urgent the longer they are left, which is why doing regular maintenance is so important - it will nip those problems in the bud! For example, if there is a crack in your flashing, it’s a simple and inexpensive fix. But, if it’s not caught early, then this crack can cause water damage that may cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Roof Maintenance Near Me

When you compare the cost of a new roof to the cost of maintenance, choosing regular maintenance is a no-brainer. Finding the right inspector to do your maintenance is easy with the Storm Guard locator. Just enter your zip code to find the nearest roof maintenance assistance near you.

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