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Gutter Cleaning

Almost every home and building has gutters, regardless of where they are located and how much it rains there. Gutters help protect your property’s siding from water damage as well as keep runoff away from the foundation of your property.

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Why Are Clean Gutters Important?

To ensure that your gutters are working as they should, it’s important to clean them regularly. Gutter cleaning is an important part of home improvement and maintenance. Debris clogging your gutters can lead to standing water and ice dams in the winter, pest problems, and even lead to sagging or broken gutters.

Your gutters and downspouts should be checked at least twice a year. For most, the fall and the spring are the best times to clean. You should also check your gutters after storms and more frequently if you have trees close to your roof.


What's The Best Way To Clean Your Gutters?

So what’s the best way to clean your gutters? Follow these steps to keep the water flowing.

Gutter-Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your gutter system may look different depending on whether you have a single story or multiple story home. If you have a single story home, you can use the steps above without much adjustment. However, if you have a two- or three-story home, then you may want to get an extension ladder or clean from the rooftop. Use proper ladder safety when cleaning your gutters!

Cleaning the gutters is a lot easier when you have the right tools! Check out the list below to learn more about the tools you’ll need to clean your gutters safely.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves make the gutter cleaning experience as pleasant as it can be. Gutter debris can be wet and cold, and there can also be insects or critters nesting in the debris.

Protective Eyewear

Whether you’re using your hands, a tool, or a leaf blower, safety glasses are a protective measure you don’t want to skip.

Gutter Scoop

This helpful tool comes in a variety of styles. It helps you pick up more debris in less time and keeps your hands dry, too!

Garden Hose

A garden hose is essential to flushing out your gutter. The water flow will pick up the stuff you missed.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer will power out all the debris! Just be ready to do some extra clean up. A pressure washer can also help you remove difficult clogs.

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is another way to clean out your gutters without getting your hands dirty. You can get an attachment that acts as a vacuum as well.

Gutter Cleaning Costs

Cleaning your gutters yourself is relatively cheap, just the cost of a ladder and the tools you need. If you’re buying the tools all at once, you’re looking at probably around $200 on average.

On the other hand, cleaning gutters does take time and can be dangerous. Your other option is to hire a professional to clean your gutters for you. The general price range for a professional gutter cleaning is between $80 to $240. Typically, cleaning gutters for a single-story home will cost less than a two- or three-story home, and a downspout cleaning will cost between $50 and $100.

While hiring a professional to clean your gutters may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, there are also added benefits that professional services will offer. For example, while cleaning your gutters, Storm Guard’s team will assess the condition of your gutters and your property’s structure, as well. We will then document what we find and make recommendations for further maintenance and repairs. That’s a valuable service that goes beyond the cost of the cleaning alone!

Gutter Cleaning Near Me

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of cleaning your gutters yourself or hiring a professional to do it, your decision should be an easy one. Call Storm Guard! You can find the nearest Storm Guard gutter services near you with our zip code locator. StormGuard also offers a free gutter cleaning quote, so get yours today!

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