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Siding Installation

New siding is one the best home improvement projects you can do to upgrade the look of your home or business and increase your property values. It’s definitely worth it to ensure that the job gets done correctly!

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Time to Install New Siding

You’ve decided it’s time to install new siding! Maybe you’ve noticed a draft or cracks, or maybe you just want to increase your property’s resale price. Whatever the reason, your next step is to decide if you will install the siding on your own or hire a professional. Here are some things to consider that may help you make the decision.

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Installing Siding Yourself

If you decide to install your new siding yourself, it’s important to first consider the experience you have. Siding installation can be fairly simple in some cases but working around doors and windows may be a challenge. Do you already have the tools you need, or will you have to purchase them? Another important question is whether you know the right spacing for siding - it can often shrink or expand with temperature changes. Also, consider that while doing it yourself may seem less pricey, you are still paying for tools, doing your own clean up and labor, and may have to deal with any mistakes. That being said, it can be less expensive and you can work on your own schedule.

Professional Siding Installation

If you hire a professional, then all the tools and materials will be taken care of. You’re also given certain warranties and the peace of mind that only a licensed and insured professional can offer. If you do have issues, a quality service provider will continue to address them until the job is done right. This is especially true if you work with Storm Guard. With Storm Guard, you’re getting a company that specializes in siding installation and repair and who offers an unmatched warranty. You can call us anytime for an installation quote!

How to Install Siding

Whether you install new siding yourself or pay someone to do it for you, it’s helpful to know the process. The best part is that the installation process is the same no matter what material or style of siding you choose.

Siding Installation Near Me

Are you ready to replace or repair the siding on your home or building? Give us a call! You can find the nearest StormGuard service provider by using our zip code locator! It’s easy and you’re guaranteed an efficient and satisfactory job. In fact, our specialty is residential siding! Our professionals offer only the highest quality of products to our customers. We can install aluminum, vinyl, wood, hardy board, composite, and seamless aluminum siding. Additionally, we have a wide selection of styles, colors and trims. Let’s work together to make your plans a reality.

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Siding Installation Cost

The average cost per square foot for new siding is $12. Of course, this price can range widely depending on the materials and style used. The lowest cost can be around $4 while the highest per square foot is $50. However, even the cheapest materials can have ongoing costs down the road. For example, one of the least expensive materials for siding is wood, but wood siding has a higher maintenance cost as it is more susceptible to water damage, rot, and termites. Stone is more expensive but has a much lower maintenance cost. Either way, you’re going to spend money; it’s up to you to decide which cost is more important to you.

Some additional factors that may affect the cost of siding installation are the shape of your home and whether the current siding needs to be removed. Both of these can incur additional labor costs.

The least expensive to the most expensive types of siding materials, per square foot, are:

  • Vinyl - $5
  • Wood - $5 to $8
  • Metal - $3 to $11
  • Fiber Cement - $6
  • Brick - $6
  • Stone $20

It’s important to note that the labor to install each type of siding will generally cost more during the spring and summer, since these are optimal outdoor working months. Take these elements into consideration as you prepare to install new siding.


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