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Siding Damage Assessment

Siding Damage Assessment

A siding damage assessment is a little like a property inspection. Both will carefully examine your siding and document it’s condition, including any potential damage or problems.

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What You Need to Know About a Siding Damage Assessment

Siding damage assessment is specifically done in order to file a claim with your insurance company. These types of assessments are often done after storms, which is why they are sometimes called a storm damage assessment. During a siding damage assessment, a siding service provider will assess your property with a trained eye, take digital photos, and then work with your insurance company to generate a repair estimate.

Another important time to have a damage assessment done is before you plan to sell your home. Having an assessment will show your potential buyers the value of your home, as well as help you know how much your home should be selling for. You may be able to ask even a bit more for your home if you can show your buyer a solid siding assessment report. To get your free siding damage assessment, contact Storm Guard at any location near you!

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Filing an Insurance Claim

Siding Health Assessment

When a professional comes to do a siding health assessment, we will check for a list of warning signs and damage. You can and should also check your siding yourself several times a year. By catching the following issues early, you may be able to prevent more severe damage down the road.

Check for Cracks

Check for cracks and dents in the siding. This can come from hail or debris.

Look for Buckling

Look for buckling planks or lifting edges. This could be indicative of water damage.

Check the Seams

Look to see if the seams of your siding are matching up properly. If they have shifted, then you may have water damage.

Check for Rust

If you have metal siding, check for rust.

Look for Missing Siding

Keep an eye out for missing siding as it will need to be replaced.

Look for Chipped Paint

Look for chipping paint. Paint helps protect your siding from water damage.

Types of Siding Damage

As you do your regular maintenance checks of your home or property, it’s helpful to know what types of siding damage are common and what conditions to be wary of.

Inclement weather is one of the biggest causes of siding damage. Snow and ice can cause water damage and can also cause warping. Wind can pull siding up or blow branches and debris into the siding of your home. This can cause holes and cracks. Two of the most dangerous types of damage are condensation and algae. Water damage can lead to structural damage that will be much more costly to repair.

Siding Damage Assessment Near Me

If you are concerned that you may have one or several types of this damage, you can call to get siding damage assessment services. Use our locator to find a professional near you.

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