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Emergency Siding Tarp

Emergency Siding Tarp

If you’ve recently experienced a large storm, you may notice that part of your siding is missing, leaving the damaged area open to water damage and other catastrophes. You need a fast solution - emergency siding tarping. Protect your home and prepare to file a claim with siding tarp services.

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What is Emergency Siding Tarping?

An emergency siding tarp is exactly what it sounds like - a tarp placed over the damage to your home to help protect your home and prevent further damage. This solution is not long term: it’s only in place as long as it takes a professional to come out and do a damage assessment or get started on the repairs.

An emergency tarp will need to be large enough to extend beyond the damage, or you’ll need to acquire several to make sure everything is covered. This will help avoid further water damage. You can adhere it to the siding either using hurricane tape or nails. The thicker your tarp, the better it will protect your home. You may also want to get a tarp with UV protection. This will help the tarp last longer. While you’re waiting for repairs, this tarp is the only thing between you and the elements. Make sure you get one that is up to the task. An emergency tarp can save you thousands of dollars as it protects your home from weather conditions and further types of damage.

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What Does Emergency Siding Tarp Services Involve?

A siding tarp is installed when a professional can’t get to you right away for inspection and repairs. Even if the damage is small, it’s worth covering it until a professional can come fix it. The process for when a professional installs the emergency tarp is very straightforward. The area will be cleared of debris and damage assessed. This may also involve taking photos of the damaged areas. Then, the tarp needs to be taped or nailed on. Insurance companies may require that you install emergency tarping in order to minimize the amount of damage to your siding.

The thing that sets a professional service apart from a do-it-yourself job is that a professional can give you an idea of what the damage will cost to fix, how long it will take, and if there are any problems that need immediate attention.

Process to Install Emergency Siding Tarp

Installing an emergency siding tarp may look a little different depending on the length of time the tarp is estimated to be needed. Regardless of how long the tarp will be up, it’s important to clear the area before laying down the tarp. For a quick job, the tarp will be draped over the damaged area and secured with waterproof tape. It is also possible to fasten each grommet down with a 2 inch screw and 1-1/2 inch washer. If the tarp needs to be in place for longer, then a piece of plywood will also be used along with the tarp. Typically, the damage will be covered with a ⅝-inch exterior grade piece of plywood and secured with 2-inch deck screws.

Think you may need an emergency tarp? It’s easy to find a nearby Storm Guard professional to help you install it. Use our zip code locator to find your closest associate and give us a call for a quote.

Precautions to Prevent Need for Emergency Siding Tarps

One of the best things a property owner can do to avoid the need for emergency siding tarps is regular maintenance. It’s amazing how many issues can be avoided and how siding can be strengthened against extreme weather with a regular maintenance program. Still, storms happen, so after the weather clears it’s important to examine your siding for these things:

  • Dents or holes in the siding
  • Missing siding or flashing
  • Cracks or splits

Siding Tarping Near Me

If you notice any of the above damage, it may be a good idea to install an emergency tarp. It’s easy to find a nearby Storm Guard professional to help you install it. Use our locator to find your closest Storm Guard service provider and give us a call for a quote.

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