Emergency Tarp

Emergency Tarping Services

An emergency tarp is exactly what it sounds like - a tarp placed over the damage to your home to help protect your home and prevent further damage. This solution is not long term: it’s only in place as long as it takes a professional to come out and do a damage assessment or get started on the repairs.

Emergency Roof Tarp

Emergency roof tarping is a temporary solution to help prevent further damage and protect your home. An emergency tarp is especially helpful when trying to avoid roof leaks, water damage, or mold, and keeping your home insulated as you wait for repairs. A tarp is also a great way to reduce insurance costs as it keeps the damage to your home at a minimum. While it is easy to put an emergency tarp up on your own, professional roof tarping may be required when the roof damage is significant or a tarp for the whole roof is required.

Emergency Siding Tarp

An emergency tarp will need to be large enough to extend beyond the damage, or you’ll need to acquire several to make sure everything is covered. This will help avoid further water damage. You can adhere it to the siding either using hurricane tape or nails. The thicker your tarp, the better it will protect your home. You may also want to get a tarp with UV protection. This will help the tarp last longer. While you’re waiting for repairs, this tarp is the only thing between you and the elements. Make sure you get one that is up to the task.