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Best Tips for Window Maintenance & Cleaning

Best Tips for Window Maintenance & Cleaning


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Well, I think we all know what’s just around the corner. If you answered Christmas, we’ll give you partial credit. But, no, in this case we’re talking about winter. That corner of the year when we measure clothing outfits not by size, but by weight. It’s BRRRRR time. But before the cold air gets here, let’s first enjoy the season of window cleaning.

When it comes to home maintenance, it seems like carpeting, upholstery, floors, kitchens, and bathrooms get all the star attention. There’s a reason why so many of us say “I don’t do windows.” They can be awkward to get to and aren’t the most fun thing to clean in the first place. But if hiring a professional window cleaning service isn’t part of your plan, let’s talk about doing it yourself.

Why clean windows after summer?

Isn’t window maintenance just a spring cleaning thing? Window cleaning in spring makes all the sense in the world, as our cabin fever selves can’t wait to help bring bright natural light into our homes in anticipation of the warmer weather.

So why clean windows after summer? Because summer is a very active time, when summer rains, dirt, leaves, pollen, and other bits of floating debris build up on your windows. Now’s the time to get on that project, because even if you wanted to wait a bit longer, washing windows in freezing weather isn’t really an option. For some of us (warmer southern states), ice buildup on windows really isn’t a deterrent to window cleaning in winter. But in climes where ice does build up, stressed windows can crack and fracture — which you definitely don’t want to mess with in winter.

A general checklist of window maintenance you’ll want to do before winter.

  • Remove dirt, debris, leaves that can get caught in windowsills and sliding doors mechanisms.
  • Replace weather stripping and aging caulking. An airtight window makes for a happier home when it gets cold outside.
  • Check your windows for rotting wood, which can allow water and cold air to seep into your home. If you find rotting wood, be sure to replace it.
  • Learn more about window damage in this article.

Cleaning hard-to-reach upper floor window exteriors.

The difficulty with being able to wash window exteriors on upper floors can have a negative impact on your wanting to clean your windows in the first place. It’s much easier to watch football games on the weekends than it is to scale Kilimanjaro to reach those blasted filthy windows. Unless you’re Plastic Man and can reach your rubbery arms to every outside crevice of a window, you probably think getting a really tall ladder is the best way to get at those window exteriors.

Sure, that can work. But it’s not very safe.Here’s are some other options:

Tyroler GliderThis nifty little tool utilizes squeegees and magnets to enable you to wash both sides of an upper floor window without going outside. Another way to look at it is since you’re washing both sides of the window simultaneously, you can wash a window in half the time.

U-shaped Telescopic Pole - Live in an apartment or some other upper floor situation? Here’s a simple gadget you can get that helps you reach around outside to wash the exterior of your windows quite effectively. A U-shaped Telescopic Pole is adjustable, lightweight and a pretty good bargain.

An Extendable Window Squeegee - Here’s a concept that’s easy to grasp. Literally. A squeegee is a mainstay for window cleaners – from amateur weekend warriors to professionals. Just purchase an extendable window squeegee and you can get to those hard to reach heights without a ladder. 

Safety First

DIY is always a great way to save money. But consider the windows you’re trying to clean and decide if you’re taking on a bigger job that you can (or really want to) handle. There may be some expertise involved in certain situations, not to mention a safety risk for especially hard to reach windows.

If you feel yourself getting over your head with what needs to be accomplished or simply don’t have the time, you can always consider hiring professional window cleaners, who have the skills and know-how to get it right the first time.